Headlight Restoration

Are your headlights clouded, yellowing or just plain ugly?

Clouded, yellowing-headlight lenses affect millions of cars on the road today. While many of these are older model cars, others are sometimes only a few years old.

Clouded, yellowing headlight lenses are not only unsightly to the appearance of the car, but can also dim the headlights significantly enough to become a safety concern at night.

The cause of the yellowing is exposure to sunlight, air pollution, dust, and daily driving (road debris). Over time, these elements can damage the plastic headlight of most modern cars and trucks.

The good news is that the damage can be fixed.

We can restore them to a like new look instead of replacing them.

  • Masking Off Area Surrounding Headlights
  • Complete Removal of Discolored and Cloudy Layer (multistage sanding)
  • Complete Removal of Old Clear Coat (multistage sanding)
  • Application of New UV Protection Clear Coat
  • Instant Curing of New Clear Coat (baking)
  • Polishing of New Clear Coat (glasslike finish)